This was one of my favorite projects; a new website, new logo, new brand.

Jane Gregson is a real estate agent who is well known in Southern Costa Rica. She also has a tour company, guiding people from retirees to honeymooners around the country. When someone wants to know how to get hings done here, they talk to Jane.

Her last website was old and unable to meet the demands of her business. She contracted Pura Vida MultiMedia to redeisng her logo, revamp her brand, and create two new, cutting-edge WordPress websites:

  1. A website for Summerland Tour Company, complete with tour packages, secure online payment for deposits, and affiliate arrangements with satellite tour operators, and
  2. A website for Summerland Properties, a comprehensive real estate directory of properties in Costa Rica sortable by multiple metrics.

For both of these projects, I designed the logos, launched social media campaigns, created an email newsletter to go out to Jane’s network, and trained her staff on using (and updating) the WordPress CMS.

Take a look at the websites yourself, you might find a tour that you’d like to take in sunny Costa Rica.