Pura Vida MultiMedia is for the Pure Life.

Pura Vida” is the national slogan of Costa Rica, the country where my family found refuge, once we failed to reach the American dream.

Back when I wore a tie to work every day, I worked 60 hours a week for a Fortune 100 company. I had a big house, a nice car, and I never saw my children.

One sunny Sunday, we were driving around Portland, enjoying the family time together on the one day of the week when I had pledged to not be at work. As fate would have it, we drove past my tall office building, and my two-year-old son said, “Look! That’s where Daddy lives!”

Right then, I knew I had to change.

Change my career. Change my life. Change everything.

Working with kids

Pura Vida

The new life I built for myself with Pura Vida MultiMedia is structured around my family.

I work surrounded by toys, so I can take a break from digital media to play with trains or cars or dolls, and make little people giggle and smile.

We eat meals together, my family and I – and I am here with them, instead of far away in an office building.


While the tie was chafing at my neck, I asked myself, ‘What am I really good at? What is my unique service that I can bring to the world?’

As it turns out, I make things happen.

Pura Vida MultiMedia is a digital production company.

I make websites, content marketing campaigns, and videos that help businesses connect dramatically with their audience.

My youth was spent training in the theater, learning how to engage with an audience, how to hold their attention, and how to make a dramatic impact.

I approach every project as a storyteller.

In between reading fairy tales to my children, I tell the stories of my clients, using the rapid new digital mediums that are changing the way we communicate.


I love it… the new website has the clean, professional look I want and need to move from self-publisher to large distribution traditional publishing. Caelan can pretty much do everything you need to create that unique brand and professional look with your unique style so that you can take your business to the next level. Thank you so much Caelan!”

– Mikaela Jones

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