Tech Week NZ – National Tech Conference

All around the nation during the week of May 8-12, workshops and events were being held that celebrate and investigate the technology sector in New Zealand.

I visited the country for the first time to attend this conference, and started my trip at the Sales & Marketing Jam in Wellington.

Hosted by Kiwi Landing Pad, this verbal jam session features 4 traveling speakers jumpstarting conversations with audiences in 4 different cities: Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin. The day after I landed in Wellington, I went to the Biz Dojo to attend the first one.

Super excited for the #twnz17 #Sales & #Marketing Jam at @bizdojo to start Tech Week in Wellington!

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The Biz DojoNew Zealand Coworking Space Wellington

Going into the Biz Dojo, after being in the country only a couple of days, was instantly like coming home.

I travelled to New Zealand from Portland, Oregon, a place with wifi in every cafe and a multitude of places I could set up with my laptop.

To my surprise, there were plenty of difficulties in getting a solid wifi connection in new Zealand. Cafes were stingy with their internet, offering only an hour (or in one notable case, 30MB) until your session expired.

The Biz Dojo was the oasis of productivity and connectivity that I drank from deeply during my trip. They offered open passes all week for Tech Week, and in between workshops and events, I took advantage of their generosity to keep my business running.

My 6 Favorite Quotes from #NZSMJ

I tweet a lot, when there’s a lot being said, because it’s the easiest (and most public) way for me to take notes when someone is talking. Every time I get hit with a gem of an idea, I throw it up on Twitter, so I can come back to it later – and maybe help pass the idea on to somebody else, too.

You can see everything that happened at the hashtags below, or just scroll down to see the greatest hits:



“How do you connect authentically?” & more importantly, “What matters?”

sian simpson


“The best people are generally trying to replace themselves.”

john holt new zealand


“Marketing and Sales need alignment, but there also needs to be a healthy friction between the two.”

daniel barber


“New Zealanders are uniquely qualified to answer the question, ‘How can I work with limited resources to solve this problem?'”

evan cummack


“Founders are responsible for everything, but don’t have to DO everything. Document & delegate.”

holly cardew


“A little more budget can get you into a lot of trouble.”

tami mcqueen

(this is why)

My Immediate Thoughts on the Sales & Marketing Jam

Before I left the Biz Dojo, I sat in front of a camera to digest everything I’d just heard.