Sales & Marketing Jam Wellington, New Zealand @TechWeekNZ

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Tech Week NZ - National Tech Conference All around the nation during the week of May 8-12, workshops and events were being held that celebrate and investigate the technology sector in New Zealand. I visited the country for the first time to attend this conference, and started my trip at the Sales & Marketing [...]

Ask Your Personal Network About Your Personal Branding

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When you’re defining your personal branding, it’s easy to get trapped into relying on only your own impressions of yourself. After all, who knows you better…than you? However, that’s exactly the problem. You know too much about yourself. There are so many various details that make up your personality. Trying to include all of them [...]

7 Tips To Become A More Interesting Person

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There are nearly seven billion people in the world today. Why would anyone stop what they’re doing and talk to you? It's an important question for anyone, but if you’re involved in sales, self-marketing, or running your own business, you have to be interesting to new people all the time. New customers, new prospective customers, [...]