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Sales Page Design


Making a sales page is a delicate art. Sales page design requires boldness and simplicity, brashness and elegance, solid programming and concise copywriting. It's not easy, but it can be really, really fun. A sales page has one purpose: to convince the user to click the buy button. If your sales page accomplishes this feat, then it doesn't matter how it looks, or whether or not the grammar is correct, or if it's annoying. If [...]

WordPress Website Design for a Naturopathic Clinic


When Alisun Bonville moved from Portland, OR to Bozeman, Montana, to start a new naturopathic clinic, she needed a high-quality website and social media presence that would be online and ready in time for her grand opening. The naturopathic clinic website she wanted serves as a centerpiece of her online presence. We set up a full social media suite for her, and aggregated the posting channels together, so she could maintain activity on her Tumblr, [...]

Sales Funnel Strategy


An online sales funnel helps a stranger become a customer. When someone first finds your brand, their first impression is not, "I need to buy what they are selling right away! Shut up and take my money!" It might seem like that's the right way for customers to find you, but that doesn't become the long-lasting relationship that builds businesses for the long haul. A sales funnel is a series of steps that communicate in the language of the [...]

Personal Development Website for Dads


I must confess, I made this website for dads because I wanted to show off all the cool tricks I can do as a blogger. For years, I have been blogging on other people's websites, and designing fantastic interactive experiences for clients. Until I made, I didn't have a pretty palace to call my own on the Internet. So I made one. This project came out of a deep investigation during Pioneer Nation into what I [...]

Naturopathic Wellness Center Website Design


Naturopathic Clinic Website Redesign Hawthorn Healing Arts Center in Bend, Oregon already had lots of content in their naturopathic website design, thanks to hosting many regular events. Even though they had plenty of posts and pages, there was no unified content strategy, and they weren't ranking as highly as they wanted in the search engines. When I asked Dr Joshua Phillips what he wanted in a website redesign, he said he wanted it to look beautiful and professional, with [...]

WordPress Website Conversion


The Raw Food Institute had a custom Bootstrap website that they were unable to update. While the custom-coded website gave them the ability to design it however they wanted, once it was designed, they had to rely on a web designer for any tiny change they wanted. Lisa Wilson was already hosting dozens of successful in-person events every year, and her popular YouTube channel was driving plenty of traffic to her website. She was having a [...]

Responsive Website Design with Video Channels


Lynn Kitchen had a Youtube channel full of videos, and no way to build an audience. She knew she needed a website, but wasn't sure about what components she needed: an email newsletter? An external video hosting platform? A membership area? This was what she had before she started working with me: And this is what she got after: Lynn had been to plenty of seminars and webinars that recommended everything from InfusionSoft to Webinar [...]

Professional Public Speaker Website Design


As the president of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau, a published author, and a filmmaker, the website design of Robin Jay really mattered. Her previous website was very optimized for SEO, but it resulted in a lot of links all over every page, and users were confused from her homepage onward about what they were supposed to do next. This is what Robin had before she started working with me:   This is what she [...]

Responsive WordPress Website Design for Environmental Vaudeville Performers


EarthCapades performs environmental education programs for kids.  Their roving school assemblies teach about environmental problems and solutions, using vaudeville performers to convey complex material in a fun, engaging atmosphere. They are masters of Edutainment. The EarthCapades shows use California State Science Standards to teach children environmental education basics, and provide them with the information they need to make better environmental choices. When they asked a friend and fellow performer, Jenny the Juggler, who they should talk to [...]

Genesis Website Design For Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Center


Panacea de la Montaña is an all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica, offering daily yoga classes at their tropical getaway. They had an old HTML website that was infected with malware, and their blog was giving them no SEO boosts, because they were blogging on a completely different domain. I imported the Wordpress blog and integrated it with their brand new Wordpress website, built on the Genesis platform. This powerful theme framework is built to [...]