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Personal Development Website for Dads


I must confess, I made this website for dads because I wanted to show off all the cool tricks I can do as a blogger. For years, I have been blogging on other people's websites, and designing fantastic interactive experiences for clients. Until I made, I didn't have a pretty palace to call my own on the Internet. So I made one. This project came out of a deep investigation during Pioneer Nation into what I [...]

Social Media Shareable Image Design


Here are some images I have designed. Follow Caelan's board Social Media Graphic Design on Pinterest. People share things that make them feel valuable to their audience. When designing a social media image, there are 5 main considerations: It has to look pretty. It has to be the correct dimensions to look good on the platform. It has to clearly convey a single idea. It should create an emotional reaction in the viewer. It can direct [...]

Logo Design


Designing a logo is an intimate process. A logo is the visual communication of the brand, and at its best, a logo design can communicate everything you need to know about the brand, the mission, and the style of a company or project. You can read all about my logo design process here. "Design is simple, that's why it's so complicated." - Paul Rand Samples of my work:  

Ebook Design and Copywriting


Your ebook does not have to be a block of text in a PDF. That's boring. Your website has clickable images, playable videos, and plenty of photos to remain in visual engagement with the reader. Your ebook should be the same way. Visual Ebook Design and Ebook Copywriting From introductory PDF articles, enticing new subscribers to your email list, to long-form multi-module information products, I can create a magazine-style layout for your PDF. You can provide the [...]

Website design for a Danish Midwife & Yoga Teacher


I first met Marlene Gryesten in yoga class. She was one of my favorite teachers at Dell'Arte, a physical theater school in Northern California. Three times a week, she would allow us to connect to our bodies through a rejuvenative yoga practice. At the beginning of class, she would tell a story about her latest midwifery adventure, and the babies she was catching. This familiarity with midwifery gave me the courage to deliver our third [...]