Project Description

I first met Marlene Gryesten in yoga class.

She was one of my favorite teachers at Dell’Arte, a physical theater school in Northern California. Three times a week, she would allow us to connect to our bodies through a rejuvenative yoga practice.

At the beginning of class, she would tell a story about her latest midwifery adventure, and the babies she was catching.

This familiarity with midwifery gave me the courage to deliver our third baby myself. We caught him in the bathtub with no attending physician or midwife, just mom and dad.

I’ve always been grateful to Marlene for introducing me to midwifery, and to my lifelong practice of Yoga. When she asked me to design her new logo and website, I jumped at the chance.

She gave me an illustration to work from for the logo – an outline of the tattoo she has carried around for years. I transformed it into a logo with her brand name and website name.

Jordmor‘ is a unique word that is very close to ‘Jordemoderi’ in Danish. It literally means ‘Earth Mother,’ and is their word ¬†for ‘midwife.’

After the logo, business cards, social media profiles, and flyers were designed, I built a multi-language site in WordPress. The Transposh plugin (which you can see in use on this site, as well!) allows for quick translation into multiple languages, yet offers an easy, page-by-page editing function to correct the translations where necessary.

Marlene is currently travelling to Senegal to teach workshops – another of her passions is to teach around the world. Now, with a truly international website, she can promote herself around the globe.

Midwife website design