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Making a sales page is a delicate art. Sales page design requires boldness and simplicity, brashness and elegance, solid programming and concise copywriting. It’s not easy, but it can be really, really fun.

A sales page has one purpose: to convince the user to click the buy button. If your sales page accomplishes this feat, then it doesn’t matter how it looks, or whether or not the grammar is correct, or if it’s annoying.

If it sells, it wins.

The better sales pages can overcome every objection a customer could have to buying what you are selling. There’s a simple way to do this: create an FAQ section at the end.

The FAQ can simply list every conceivable objection someone could have to purchase, in the form of a question. Follow this question by a paragraph-long answer, repeat, and you have an FAQ section.

As the crucial revenue-generating point in your sales funnel, a good sales page design should follow a few best practices:

Sales Page Design Best Practices

Don’t include navigation in the header and footer. you want your user to make one decision, and one decision only on this page: buy or don’t buy. Don’t distract them from this decision.

Go full width. Sidebars should only be used as an intentional part of your design; if the sidebar isn’t supporting the progression of selling messages, it is distracting and should be cut from the sales page.

Address a pain point with a solution above the header. When someone lands on your page, they need to know immediately what problem you are solving. If they have a need to solve that problem, they will scroll.

Use testimonials. People may not believe you, but they will believe complete strangers talking about you. It’s a mystery of human psychology, and it works.

Put a guarantee near the buy button. When people are in the moment of making a decision, having a visible seal and guarantee boosts conversions.

Include logos for social proof. If there are any brands associated with your product or service, name-drop their logos in grayscale on the page.

Get feedback and revise. Your first draft sales page is just that: a first draft. You need to iterate to get the best conversions, and only testing will tell what is working and what isn’t.

Sales Page Design Examples

Here are some sales pages I have designed:



Sales Page Design Example 2



Sales Page Design Example 3

sales page design example 3