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Jenny the Juggler, Boston’s longest performing female entertainer


It was Jenny the Juggler that taught me how to juggle flaming torches. It's only appropriate that I repay her instruction with a great website design. She wanted to give the website visitor an experience like coming into a theater, and looking up on stage, and enjoying the entertainment. She also needed some sophisticated intake forms, to collect information from interested clients. I made a moving curtain, that opens the stage on every page refresh. [...]

Website design for a Danish Midwife & Yoga Teacher


I first met Marlene Gryesten in yoga class. She was one of my favorite teachers at Dell'Arte, a physical theater school in Northern California. Three times a week, she would allow us to connect to our bodies through a rejuvenative yoga practice. At the beginning of class, she would tell a story about her latest midwifery adventure, and the babies she was catching. This familiarity with midwifery gave me the courage to deliver our third [...]