Ramman Turner is a mover, a dancer, and a personal trainer. His fitness classes incorporate his unique movement philosophy, and he wanted a website that could serve as the platform for his ideas.

He had spend a lot of time on Blogspot in the past, but was unable to customize the layout of his website and his posts to his liking.

Primordial Playground needed more than just a WordPress-powered website; he needed logo design, email newsletter architecture, and formatting and design of his new ebook.

We needed to scale the website, too, so it could incorporate the directions he wants to go in the future; namely, video blogging and affiliate marketing. Ramman plans to post regular instruction videos on acrobatic exercises, funneling athletes into his store, so he can resell products and make a living from his website

We also created a dynamic Facebook page, and integrated it with his blog and Twitter account. Whenever he makes a new blog post, his Twitter and Facebook profiles are updated – automatically.