I’ve been reading a lot about the World Domination Summit in the past couple weeks.

#WDS2013 was, by all accounts, a massive success.

There are some incredible posts out there, describing real personal breakthroughs that happened during this 3-day event. Some are delivered with the clarity and creativity of true blogging artists.

After reading (and commenting on) a bundle of these posts, I found these 10 to be the most useful inspirational, or compelling:


“WDS is about creating shared experiences and encouraging people to unite in community, adventure, and service. Before the big event we weren’t sure if we could cultivate these values in such a large group, but thanks to a lot of effort by a lot of people, we’re feeling good.”  


 “Rule #1: Put All the Crazy People in the Same Room (or River)”      


“I am remarkable. And for the first time, I’m actually starting to believe it.” 


“The event is motivating and moving and even slightly cult-ish. It’s the one time each year when I get to interact face to face with my online community.”  


“Portland, during the first weekend of July, is the place where my tribe of fellow dreamers and world-shakers coalesce. It is a place where I can confidently show up, knowing that who I am is enough, and what I dream of becoming is entirely possible. Portland, Oregon is my Mecca.”  


“It was like spending a few days with thousands of your closest friends.”


“I’m feeling that mixture of invisibility and wanting – desperately – to be seen. You would think that by now, at a mature 41-years-old, I’d be over that stuff. But I’ll be darned if my insecurities didn’t get triggered again, even though I was surrounded by some of the most positive, supportive people I’ve ever met.”


This is a wiki of all the recap #WDS2013 blog posts cropping up around the net.


Vote for some friendlies. (hint, hint.)


“A clear leader but it’s not about him. This was not a conference about Chris Guillebeau. This wasn’t about his business or his products or his world travels. He brought us together and then got out of the way.”


“I know that putting my head back in the clouds is the best strategy for me to practically fulfill my goals and make these visions a reality.”


“When I was first getting started with blogging and doing work online I didn’t know anyone. I might as well have been writing into a black hole. But then I started commenting on the blogs of people I admired. I’d reply to their tweets. Send them personal emails. Mention them in my writing. All of those things were great, but the biggest impact on me (and my first two years as an entrepreneur) came from attending World Domination Summit and spending time in person with them.”


These Flickr photos are free for you to use in any of your own #WDS2013 blogging or writing, with attribution to Chirs Guillebeau. (Notice the header of this blog post? Score.)


Shameless plug for my own #WDS2013 experience.

Although I am clearly biased, I didn’t make it into my own Top 13 with my posts on my personal blog.

For me, World Domination Summit was the second act in a big 5-act epic 13,000 mile journey, from Costa Rica around the North American continent.

From revelations about Mercury Retrograde to finally letting out my inner superhero, I had a lot going on that weekend.

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  3. End of the World Domination Summit – Day 3 #WDS2013

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. Pura Vida!