One of the most powerful, overlooked methods of blog promotion is making blogger friends.

Blogs that have overlapping audiences with your own are read by people who would probably read your blog.

They are also written by people who would read your blog. People who would promote your blog. If you were friendly.

How do you make blogger friends?

Comment. Contribute to the discussions that other bloggers create, and over a series of virtual conversations, you will create online allies that will help to support you in the future.

Think about how you feel when some random, unknown person comments on something you’ve written online. You’re curious about them, aren’t you? You wonder who they are, how they found you, and what they’re all about. You might even click through to see their profile, and take a quick look at their blog.

Bloggers, as a community, want to support each other, and sometimes, commenting relationships can grow into cross-promotion relationships.

Best comment ever on iannarinos blog

I’ve had blogger friends share newsletter lists with me, promote my products to their network, and allow me to guest post on their blogs – all because I had a commenting strategy.

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