A good friend and author, Mikaela Jones, had a website through VistaPrint.

She is a successful self-published author who was ready to step it up a notch. When her Little Book of Light sold more than 6,000 copies, she decided it was time to find a traditional publishing house that could provide her with greater distribution.

She needed a website that would not only profile her various projects (from hypnotherapy to angel readings) but also would provide the platform for a weekly video blog.

I provided a whole shebang of services for her, including:

  • Newsletter design and signup integration
  • Autoposting function from her blog to her social media accounts
  • A shopping cart for both physical and digital products
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing
  • Free download for newsletter subscribers
  • Logo design

Now with a rebranded look and feel, a new shopping cart, and migrated newsletter list, she is able to promote herself as a higher-profile author, as well she should.


Check out her site at www.mikaelajones.com.