Social Media is intimidating.

Many people fear their Twitter account, because it seems like you have to be online all the time.

You don’t.

You can still maintain a constant social media presence by scheduling your posts in advance.

When you are working at optimum efficiency, you are batching your tasks in groups. Using a few technical tools, you can batch all of your social media into one block of time.

I am on twitter twice a week.

[Correction: I am on Tweet Deck twice a week.] I spend a full hour scouring the posts of those that I follow, and scheduling my responses, replies, and retweets for the next 3-4 days.

This allows my Twitter account to continually put out regular content without my presence at the computer.

Here’s how:

  • Download Tweet Deck, Hoot Suite, or another Twitter client
  • Sign in with your social media accounts (Tweet Deck lets you use Twitter, Facebook profiles and Facebook pages, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Buzz)
  • BONUS TIP! If you have multiple Twitter accounts of Facebook pages, you can use this ONE dashboard to manage them all
  • Type in a status update
  • Next to the ‘Send’ button is a picture of a stopwatch.
  • Click the stopwatch, and select the time and date you want this post to go live.


  • Select the account(s) you want the update to go out under.


  • Click Send!

By batching your social media updates, you can spend focused time on your content marketing once every few days. This allows you to maintain a constant presence on your social media platforms, without taking up all of your time!