A big show, a national star, and a weekend festival of potential attendees.

When the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus needed to get the word out about their concert, Revolution!, they hired Pura Vida MultiMedia to get people’s attention during Pride weekend.

The PGMC just finished a rebranding of their logo, and decided to introduce their new colors to the Portland community by putting it right in front of them.

We designed a square 3×3 sticker with the new logo and a QR code, which led to a promotional video for their upcoming concert. We printed 500 post-it notes and distributed them through downtown Portland, on public transit, in the line at grocery stores, and in the mens room of multiple restaurants and bars. We setup a redirect so that during the weekend of the Pride Festival, people could actually buy the tickets on their mobile phone, through the QR sticker we distributed.

Afterwards, we sent the users to the new website of the PGMC, and the stickers were harmlessly swept away. Like the Sand Dancer in New Zealand, the campaign existed for a brief moment in time, and was washed away with the tide.