I am, unashamedly, an avid lover of Anna Bannanas Cafe.

This St. Johns neighborhood coffee shop has been my favorite haunt for five years. I jokingly refer to it as “my office.” When someone needs to meet me in person, I always try and meet them at Annas, since I’m there all the time anyways.

(And the coffee is AMAZING.)

When Sarah told me that their website had gone down, I cheerfully offered my services to get it back up again.

They also needed help with the graphic design of their new menu. Since I have nearly a decade of restaurant experience, I was able to identify issues with their proposed changes and recommend layout and pricing that would be best for the business and for their customers.

There is now an exclusive menu page on their website, as well as separate Google Maps-powered pages for each of their locations.

Take a tour at www.annabannanascafe.com