Add me to your address book, with a scan of your smartphone!

QR Codes, those hybrid step-siblings of UPC Barcodes, are picking up steam. They can be used for launching web pages, sending text messages, and…adding contacts.

If you’re the type of person who likes to get your contact info to lots of people (i.e. a small business owner, entrepreneur, or salesperson who is looking for more clients) then this is one of the cutting-edge tools you can use to engage with the right kind of client. (As in, the kind of client that can afford a smartphone, and most likely, afford your services.)

To make a QR code from your contact information is pretty easy. Follow these seven steps to get a QR Contact Card (in vCard format) of your own:

1. Copy the text below

FN:Caelan Huntress
EMAIL:[email protected]

2. Next, go to and select ‘text.’

3. Paste the text into the box.

4. Replace my contact info with yours.

5. Hit ‘Generate!’

6. Copy the image to your desktop.

7. Place that image in places where people will scan it.

Here are some options for using your new QR Code Contact Card:

  • Put it on the back of your business card
  • Enlarge it and place it on the last slide of a slideshow
  • Make stickers with this image, and put them on your luggage and laptop
  • Include it on the sidebar of your website, or your email newsletter
  • If you’re shy, replace your headshot with this image on Facebook

If you’ve had a quirky experience with QR Codes and vCards, leave it in the comments below!