James Adair of PDX Home Loan.com called me up and said, ‘Caelan, I need a brochure by Friday. Can you do it?’

‘With pleasure,’ I told him.

The tri-fold brochure he needed had very specific standards to meet. As a Mortgage Broker, James had compliance standards to adhere to; as a former insurance agent myself, I understand the need to meet compliance demands first, so they don’t shut your project down right after launch.

He had a table at the Portland Investors Conference. As a financial counselor and debt specialist, he wanted to position himself as a unique resource to wealthy individuals with lots of money.

‘I need a brochure that grabs their attention right away, and makes me stand out,’ he said.

After going through his existing websites for digital media (pictures, logos, and so on) I met with James for a one-on-one marketing consultation, where I helped hone his message. Then I used my copywriting skills to craft the brochure into the attention-getting piece he was looking for.

“Caelan is one of a kind. He has an amazingly active mind and is always putting it to good use. I hired him for a project that had a fairly ridiculous deadline, and he came through like a champ! We had one creative meeting where I explained what I was after, and he had mock ups ready to go within a day or so. the end result was better than I had expected, and we came in exactly on budget.”James Adair