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WDS 2015 Scavenger Hunt and Bigger/Better


This is the third year I've done a treasure hunt for World Domination Summit; the first time, I didn't even have permission. I just crashed the registration party dressed as a superhero and started wrangling people into doing this crazy scavenger hunt across the city, and everybody had a great time. After I blogged about it I sent a link to the WDS Adventure Czar and said, "Do you want me to do something like this again?" With permission [...]

The Unconventional Treasure Hunt 2014


For the World Domination Summit, I made an Unconventional Treasure Hunt at WDS 2014. It was a scavenger hunt of riddles throughout downtown Portland, each riddle leading to clues hidden in small treasure chests throughout the city. My passion for treasure hunts is pretty big. When I told the WDS Adventure Czar about my idea, he thought it was bizarre and crazy and fun, exactly the kind of adventure that WDS folks would love. Did you participate in the Unconventional treasure [...]

Digital Interactive Storytelling Capsules


360-DISC is a series of 360˚ panoramas used as Digital Immersive Storytelling Capsules. Each DISC is an immersive digital experience, allowing the user to scroll in any direction to review the stories embedded in the panorama. Icons placed on objects in the panorama can launch text boxes, audio files, photos, or videos. Some videos can even be embedded in the panorama itself to autoplay when the user scrolls past it. DISCs can be viewed on [...]