Breakdancing Video

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Using 2 cameras in 2 performances, we got plenty of great shots for this breakdancing performance in Costa Rica. The lighting was challenging, and the pixel aspect ratios on the cameras were all different. We overcame these challenges to make a decent music video.

A lesson in timelessness

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Video is not immediate, in a digital world. This is paradoxical; we see a video, and we engage with it immediately. From a production standpoint, however, it is not (and should not be) something that is limited to the present time. I've taken some time to learn this lesson. Many of the videos I have [...]

Showcase PDX

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Showcase PDX needed to communicate to their potential sponsors the opportunity to be had by partnering with them. After brainstorming with us during our marketing consultations, we wrote a script that conveyed their message succinctly. We created the video that helped them communicate quickly and effectively with their potential sponsors. And we produced a short [...]

HIPPnet Video

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HIPPnet, the High Integrity Professionals of Portland, was a networking group that was preparing to change the location of their weekly meetings. I put together the Testimonial Video that showcased the members talking about their experience with the group, and why others should join. [youtube]

Real Estate Reset

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When Amanda Jones had an idea for a new business, she didn't quite know how to make it work. She sat down with us for a one-on-one marketing consultation to help (Re)Define her idea. At first, all she knew was that she wanted to use her skills as an energy healer to market to professionals [...]

Danger Man Show

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This was one of those unique projects that we LOVE to work on.  Danger Man is an anonymous real-life superhero (RLSH) that wanted to increase his brand awareness to crossover into guerilla marketing for local companies.  He hired us to create his logo and his website. By interviewing him about the broad capabilities of his unique [...]

Small Business Startup Packages video

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One of my earliest video projects was for the Portland graphic design and web development creative agency, Spot Color Studio. They wanted to package their offerings in such a way that they could provide the services most frequently used by startup businesses in one standard package. After writing the script for the video to frame [...]