We make no secret of our primate love affair with MailChimp. They have a dynamite platform, scores of templates to choose from, and social media tracking.

However, we’re being seduced away by the progressively robust updates coming out of Ace of Sales. This self marketing platform has hundreds of custom designs, but a limited number of templates. This means that more time can be spent on what the best message is to send, instead of troubleshooting how to put it all together. (Ahem. Chimps.)

Some of our clients use AWeber, Constant Contact, or Vertical Response. Thanks to our years of experience in email marketing, we are conversant with all the major platforms, and we can use them all.

We can design (or re-design) your template, write and edit content, find the perfect stock images, or design graphics for you. We schedule the sending calendar, send them to you for approval, and egt your audience intrigued.

We also track the campaigns, so you know how many people are opening your emails, how many are clicking the links inside, and we modify the campaigns to improve your open rate.