Project Description

Video is about moments.

The emotional power of a moment is incredible. For a powerful moment, anyone will stop what they are doing and pay attention.

Collecting moments, however – that can be a challenge.

During one of The Aware Show’s interview summits on Light Therapy, there were plenty of moments, spread over more than ten hours of video content. Plenty of people would happily pay for accessing the premium video content in The Academy of Light Therapy, but first, they needed to be convinced of the power of the moment.

After a fair bit of sales page copywriting, I put together a dynamic sales page that went over the subjects covered in the Summit.

What really made the sales page pop is the video.

By harvesting the best moments during the recording of the interviews, I was able to compile them into a powerful montage that simultaneously communicated a number of things:

  • The identity of the guests
  • The subjects they discussed
  • The medium of the conversation
  • The ideas they brought up
  • The moments that mattered

By showcasing these moments immediately, I was able to show the prospective customer what, precisely, they could expect to see inside.