Ready for a new Logo Design?

Creating a visual representation of your brand – this is a delicate art.

A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important that what it looks like. – Paul Rand

We want something that can be used to represent your brand, universally.

Your logo should convey what you represent across multiple mediums:

  • Your website has a logo in the header of every page.
  • Your business cards have a logo on them.
  • Your social media profiles have your logo in thumbnails and cover images.
  • Your print materials – brochures, flyers, T-shirts and hats – need a clean, crisp, high quality logo that represents who you are and what you do.

The Logo Design Process

This is step 1: You will fill out the form below.

I incubate with your answers for a time, going to my sketchbook and throwing out a few dozen ideas.

Then, I move into digital production, creating 3 different samples of your logo. (Okay, I actually create 5-6 logo designs, and choose my favorite 3 to show you.)

This is the first draft of the logo.

It typically takes 5-10 days from the date of submission of this form to deliver the logo design first draft.

The three different samples may have completely different colors, fonts, and design aesthetics. After you have reviewed the logos for a couple of days, I ask for feedback.

Questions include:

  • Which logo designs do you like?
  • What do you dislike, and why?
  • What logo design represents your brand the clearest?
  • What elements from the other two logo designs should we keep?

Then, I create the second logo draft.

We select one of the three samples, and using your feedback, I create an even better logo design.

Then, I create the final logo design.

The final version of your logo will be delivered to you in .png, .jpg, and .eps formats. The final version is important: the .eps format is a vector file, that can be used to enlarge or decrease the size of your logo, infinitely.

If you need to print your logo at 300 DPI in four years time, the original logo files I deliver to you will contain everything your printer needs.

Now: Let’s design your logo.

Logo Design Intake Form

Take some time to answer these questions, thoughtfully. This will help me design the best logo for you.
  • (Links are helpful.)
  • Bold, italics, hand drawn, etc.