You’ve got a great idea. I love those!

Don’t know how to make it work yet?

No problem.

Sit down with me for a free, no-obligation marketing consultation, and I will help you kick your idea into shape.

Read about what some other clients have thought after working with me.

Marketing my personal business has a new direction and focus thanks to Caelan.  His talent for listening and understanding combined with his skills for painting the big picture really helps me to spend my advertising budget most effectively for getting the best results.  Not only does he see the big picture from a unique perspective, he is able to map the steps to take my business in the direction that will be most beneficial for me and my clients.”
– Sara Mustonen

In one hour, whether in person, on a phone call, or over Skype, I can identify what makes your idea unique, who needs the service or product you provide, and how to communicate this to them.

“I was impressed how Caelan could zero in on, and meet my needs quickly, with broader understanding than I expected.”
– Steven Feldman

Why do I do this for free?

First and foremost, I love idea generation. My digital communication strategies are merely the tools I use to express what is my real passion: good ideas.

Second, I do this for free to be of service to startups and entrepreneurs. In the future, when those I have helped need a website made, or a logo designed, I know who they will call.

“Caelan has shown exceptional skills helping identify business focus, packaging, and the competitive landscape where we choose to compete. His knowledge is both broad and deep. Due to his efforts, we awarded the entire development contract for company name, logo, brand, web site, newsletters, and social networking activities to his firm. Since our decision, he has been “present after the sale” to insure the follow-thru of his firms activities.”

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